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"Pandemic Turnover": Finding New Tenants During COVID-19

So, you've had some recent turnover, leases coming to an end, and you're looking to fill those units with new tenants.

Prior to #COVID19, it would have been simple to line up the next tenant based on current lease end, and show the soon-to-be-vacant unit prior to their assigned move-in date. Now, in the world of social distancing and restrictions on groups, things seem a little trickier - but that doesn't make them impossible.

Here are five things to keep in mind during "pandemic turnover":

  1. Make the welcome process virtual. After we post your available unit online, a simple solution for most qualified, would-be tenants is a virtual meeting. This can include a video tour of the property, where we receive the benefit of getting to know them better as qualified applicants while they receive the benefit of asking questions and picturing themselves at your property. If they choose to move forward with seeing the unit in-person, we will follow all guidance for mask-wearing, restrict showings to 1-2 guests in the unit at once, maintain social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet, and require that gloves are worn by all parties. (Guidance subject to change as the state reopens.)

  2. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. During "normal" turnover, we will handle the standard care and supervision of your units, including adding fresh paint, cleaning and sanitizing all living areas accessible by the previous tenant, and replacing any broken or damaged appliances or hardware. However, during the current COVID-19 crisis, we additionally rise to meet all WHO and CDC guidelines regarding how to best sanitize any surface to flatten the curve of the spread of this disease. We want all potential tenants and you, the property owner, to feel comfortable entering any property, and this means additional, thorough cleaning.

  3. Check in on your vacant units. Typically, we visit a property at least once a week while it is vacant, whether for a tenant showing or turnover maintenance. However, if maintenance and showing are not being performed during any given timeframe, we continue to advise visiting the property for a weekly inspection. These vacant inspections deter any unwanted visitors or maltreatment of your unit, and provides us time to make sure the property is still up to our standards of cleanliness - and prepared for a new tenant to call it home.

  4. Skip the paperwork, go digital. In this era of technology, we have the means to show units and accept applications, including payment and background checks, all online. No more leaving the safety of home to collect signed leases or waiting for the mail to be delivered. With the added option of doing e-sign or traditional paper leases, property owners and tenants alike can find comfort in getting business done while staying safely apart.

  5. Check in on your leased units. Don't forget about the tenants you have under active lease - it's good-natured and invaluable to check in on their well-being during this crisis. Your act of empathy won't go unnoticed, and a simple check-in sets you apart from all other hands-off property owners. If you prefer not to maintain or simply do not have an active relationship with your tenants, we are always happy to communicate with them, as well.

Hopefully we'll see the end of this crisis soon. Until then, we're #InThisTogether.


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