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Property Owner // Essex, VT


For about a year now, Micah Paroline with Mountain View Property Services has been my main point of contact for all things property management. He treats the tenants well, keeps the units filled and in prime condition, and is very responsive to me. His company’s pricing is fair, and I appreciate seeing all of each month’s expenses itemized for me to review. 

I don’t need to get “down and dirty” and handle middle of the night calls from tenants anymore, or unclog toilets, or patch holes in walls. It’s been great to have more free time to myself (and less headaches) while still keeping my condo. 

I would trust Micah with any other investment property I choose to pursue. I have already started talking to him about adding a duplex in Johnson! His reports and research give me security in knowing when something is a good deal or not. As great as Micah is with maintaining my property, he is very knowledgeable and inspirational when it comes to passive income and making my money “work for me”. 


Tenant // Essex Junction, VT


Mountain View managed our last apartment & I wish I still lived at one of their properties. It was a great clean safe space. Cozy was easy to navigate & submit maintenance tickets & automatic payments that way. It was easy to text Micah with any questions or urgent issues like when the power went out those couple times or the toilet kept phantom flushing. I never had any issues unsolved while at [street name] & a lot of my friends also renting can’t say the same!! 

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