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Decks & Patios

Fine workmanship meets outdoor luxury. The team at Mountain View Decks & Patios builds your outdoor amenities from decks and patios, to walkways and full remodels.


We use high quality products, such as TimberTech and AZEK, and source local materials whenever possible, like Northern White Cedar. We're insured and registered with the State of Vermont. We are certified by both TimberTech and Trex to install their composite deck materials. We can customize the scope of all projects to meet budget and exceed expectations - we look forward to hearing from you!

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Our 4-Phase Process

When we are looking at doing a deck, patio, or combination project for a client, we break that project down into a 4-phase process. These phases are consultation, pre-construction, construction, and project closeout. 

Step 1: Consultation

Upon initial contact from a potential client, we schedule a consultation. This is initially a free 1 hour over the phone or zoom meeting, where we review what the client wants, their timeline and budget, and key factors of how they define final project success.  During this initial conversation we screen to ensure that we are the best possible fit for the client. We want to make sure that our company values are going to align with the client's. We often ask about their previous history of working with contractors, to ensure we can operate in a way that works with their preconceived conceptions or dispelling expectations that may be misleading. We ensure that our quality and product line will work within their budget and expectations. While we do not provide a finalized proposal cost in this phase, we do help our clients through establishing a broad project budget based on a rough idea of their desired end state and material selection. This is designed to provide a sense of what to expect our proposal to come in around and helps set expectations on both sides, including gauging whether or not the desired project is realistic. Following our initial consultation if we believe we can be a good fit for the client, complete work inside of their timeline, and operate in their budget, we schedule an onsite meeting to start our pre-construction phase. At this point, we request a non-refundable deposit to cover our expected time to draw and estimate the final project design and costs. This deposit is applied towards the final project invoice if the client signs a contract with Mountain View Decks & Patios to complete their project.

Step 2: Pre-Construction

Upon receiving the non-refundable deposit and scheduling the site visit, we will meet on site to collect measurements, discuss layout, and help narrow down material and color selections. During this visit, we begin constructing a 3D digital rendering of what we expect their final project to look like. If needed, we will finalize this digital drawing upon returning to our office and share it by email for our client’s final approval. We will make up to 3 modifications to this initial digital drawing based on our client's feedback. Additional modifications may incur fees. Throughout this process, we maintain a project cost estimate sheet, material list and expected project timeline. This helps our client ensure that their selection and design is meeting their project goals, timeline and budget. We include our installers in this pre-construction phase to ensure constructibility and that our installers are ready to execute all the details our clients hope to achieve in their design. Once we have a finalized design that meets the project goals, timeline, and budget and is accepted by the client, we sign a construction contract, collect the material payment, and move to building the deck or patio of their dreams.

Step 3: Construction

Since we have been maintaining a project design, budget, and timeline throughout the pre-construction phase, we are ready to move quickly as soon as we sign a contract. At this point, the material list is sent to our vendors to order materials. The design is shared with the town/city as applicable for permitting. If the client is in an HOA, it is submitted for HOA approval. A final documentation packet is provided to our installers, who will mark the construction site for the town inspectors and utility markers to ensure we are safe and compliant as we begin work. Our installers are experienced and professional. They communicate well with our clients to ensure our clients are aware of any timeline changes, material selection deadline, and material delivery dates. If they plan on being on site or taking a day off, our clients will know before hand. We strive to maintain clean, organized, and safe sites. As construction progresses, we have established inspection requirements for specific towns and for ourselves internally. Materials are inspected upon delivery to ensure they are in good order and all ordered materials arrive when expected. A project manager is on site to ensure footings go in at the proper locations. We inspect framing upon completion to ensure it is code compliant, all the correct fasteners are used, and it is accurate to the project design. All of the top surfaces of framing are coated with tape or a roll-on sealant to ensure longevity of the framing material. Any changes to the design requested by the client during the construction phase require a change order. We do charge a change order fee to make adjustments to the approved project design, once we have started construction. We use digital renderings in the pre-construction phase and work hard in advance to share a picture of what the final project will look and feel like to avoid these later changes. Upon completion of the installation of all deck and patio finishes, our project manager completes a site walk with the installation team to check the quality of the installation and check for accuracy of colors, rails, stair locations, and any other specific details called for in the design plans. This ensures we are truly complete with the installation before we move into the project closeout phase.

Step 4: Project Closeout

In the project closeout phase, we complete all of the remaining administrative tasks to ensure you are getting the deck, warranty, and town zoning certificates promised in our contract. The first step in this phase is to completely clean the deck and conduct a site walk with the client and project manager to ensure that the project is completed to the client satisfaction and accuracy of the plans and designs. Following this, we schedule any of the required town/city permit closeout inspections. Meanwhile, we submit any required paperwork for material vendor warranties such as TimberTech’s material warranty and our labor warranty. This warranty information packet is provided to the client. Finally, upon successful completion of the site visit, town/city inspections, and submission of warranty information, we submit our final invoice for payment by the client.

We truly value customer feedback and communication throughout this four-phase process. After work is completed, customer-provided referrals and reviews go a long way to helping us ensure a great experience for others as well.

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