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Our Pillars of Service


Let Us Handle the Details.
Signing a Contract


Mountain View was founded to solve this issue: helping property owners manage their investment properties and tenants. Management is in our roots.

Handyman Tool Belt


In response to a growing need for general handyman services for all homeowners, Mountain View added trusted employees to be able to provide our clients with light construction services.

Leasing a Home

Buying & Selling

As an added service, our owner is a licensed Realtor and real estate salesperson. Micah is available to offer home-buying and selling representation for both property owners and tenants seeking to buy their next investment property, dream home, or first home.

Meet the Team



I grew up in Essex, Vermont. As a child, I remember my father was always working to develop a rental property portfolio that he could pass down to us, his kids. A defining memory from our childhood was that our dad was working so often that our time spent bonding with him was typically at his properties, helping paint or replace carpets.
I started Mountain View in 2019 to allow others that also want to establish passive income, like my dad, to do so in a way that allows them to continue their work-life balance and family time. When our clients are building a portfolio, they don't need to give up their family and free time - let us handle the details.
Owner, Realtor

Luke & Duncan

Office Assistants
More team bios coming soon!
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